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Hair Extensions and you!

Are they right for me?

Do you struggle with thin hair?  Broken hair?  Hair that just wont grow?  Tape in or iTip extensions may be the answer.  Both extensions are safe to install, use no glues or waxes and can be easily removed and reinstalled in under and hour.  Mainentance is simple, wash and condition them as you would normal hair, make sure the hair is detangled daily, keep them in a braid while sleeping and visit the salon every 6-8 weeks to reinstall the extensions.  Its that easy.

Why Extensions?

Some people have thinner hair strands that break before growing long.  You may even just want some for volume and body.  If you want to add some color without damaging hair, extensions can be the answer!  Ask your stylist at your next appointment how extensions can make your hair dreams come true!

What our customers are saying

I thought for years about getting extensions but the cost was just too high.  After looking around I finally found Alison at Black Sheep Salon and not only was the cost lower but she is now my forever stylist.   I am so happy I decided to do it AND my extensions are over a year old and look brand new! 

- Sarah B. 

Get longer & thicker hair in under 30 minutes!